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Moo’d Swing, a 5 member roots/swing band, covers both popular and obscure tunes from the pre and post war eras, as well as performing plenty of original material. The band, together for 12 years, is known for its trademark 3 part harmonies and crazy mix of instrumentation.  It’s not just the ukulele or accordion (to mention 2 of the 7 instruments played) but the vocal arrangements that offer a refreshing new twist to some of the great ol’ chestnuts from the past.   Moo’d Swing guarantees an entertaining, upbeat and sophisticated musical experience.  We hope to have the opportunity to play for your audience.

Moo’d Swing’s previous incarnation, the Buckaroos, was the merging of Mike and Donna’s musical past. Mike Sanderson, a singer, ukulele and guitar player has spent a lifetime playing with friendsmike & donna whose musical styles include old time, country and bluegrass - a healthy mix of roots music.  But his true roots in music have come from years around the piano with family members belting out the old popular and jazz chestnuts from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. This influence ultimately resurfaced in Moo’d Swing.


Donna Green’s musical past also started at an early age but took a more professional donna turn after winning a local radio contest as best songwriter. Her first performance, backed by the renowned Ian and Sylvia Tyson band, the Great Speckled Bird, included a mix of country, folk and pop music.  She made her rounds at the folk festival circuit and Toronto bars, did radio work and recorded with the likes of Gwen Swick (Quartette), Colin Linden, Chris Whiteley and Daniel Lanois who engineered her first demo. Donna not only brings her vocals and guitar playing to Moo’d Swing but also her vocal arrangements, which add to the unique band sound.



Mike and Donna met through common musical friends and ultimately merged members of his band, the Don Valley Ramblers, with members of her band, the Fabulous Cowbelles.  This became the melting pot of 1950’s country music with 1930’s swing and popular jazz, hence the name and creation of Moo’d Swing.

Donna and Mike met Bob Birnie at  a ‘song circle’, a neighbourhood jam.bob ‘Banjo’ Bob, a multi-talented instrumentalist, who's played guitar, banjo and mandolin for over 40 years, also sings and writes his own material and co-writes with many local Toronto singer-songwriters. He shares a similar musical background in folk and old- time music, which makes for a perfect fit with Moo’d Swing.  As luck would have it, the vocal blend of Bob, a tenor, Mike a baritone and Donna, an alto, makes for the perfect three part harmony singing, a trademark of Moo’d Swing’s sound.

The band members enjoy re-arranging the old classics but also love digging for more obscure songs from the past. 

Moo’d Swing tries to deliver the music with a little twist.  This was enhanced when Drew Jurecka, nominated as Canada’s most gifted jazz violinist in 2008, joined the band for the recording of this CD. When Drew is out on tour with one of the many bands he plays with, Moo'd Swing calls on Aaron Solomon who is a superb jazz fiddle player currently performing with the band.   



The icing on the cake has been working with Rachel Melas (Swamperella), our regular bass player who is a great musician and a pleasure to work with. Rachel has been a bump on the log of Canadian music for the last 30 odd years. She is a graduate of the Mel Bay academy of bass, books 1 and 2. Through many years of hard work, she has clawed her way to the middle, where she plays a wide variety of music on electric and acoustic basses. In recent years she has played many varieties of folk and traditional music including cajun, klezmer, blues, rockabilly and old time, some kinds of jazz and with several singer songwriters. For a hobby she plays the guitar, fiddle and accordion.


We hope you enjoy the music!